It seems that all that a lot of  so called 'website developers' have mastered is how to install a template into Wordpress.

Sounds pretty damning but after a series of recent discussions with clients looking for a new developer I am getting to hear this story again and again. To be fair there are a number of these people who are completely straight about what they do and the price generally reflects that.

At Cavespider we actually develop websites. We know how it is bolted together because we built it. We're not trying to adapt someone else's theme or template. So if you need something to look or behave a particular way we can most likely do it. It helps that we've been building websites since 1994.

Often it's the little details that people ask to be changed, the colour of a button, or the size of a text element, whatever it is it's rarely a problem, you can have it how you want it.

Cavespider, just the way you want it

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