It doesn't sound too modest and it also makes us sound expensive. But the feedback we get has suggested that people's first impression is that they can't afford one of our websites. The truth is we're a fraction of the price some of our competitors are quoting.

So you really don't need to aspire to get one of our websites, for a small business the prices are from £1,600. You will have noted the word 'from', in fact many websites go live for £1,600. We recently learned that one of our local competitors quoted £60,000 for a project we did with the same brief for £1,600.

So don't be tempted to go for a 'cheap' option, just to get you online, it could well end up costing you dear in lost business. I've said it before but it is all about first impressions. Your website has got to grab your new customers by the short and curlies and not let them go. If it isn't doing that now then talk to us now.

So, you don't need to aspire, just pick up the phone and make it happen.

01932 506408

Cavespider, making your competitors jealous

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Telephone:‬ 01932 506408

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