Been thinking hard how to make this the best offer I can. Combing the elements of affordability, maximum service and looking to the long term future.

Having a good, professional looking, dynamic website isn't cheap. You may think there are cheaper options out there but many would end up as costly mistakes. So be very careful.

What I am suggesting here is an option. There is absolutely no reason why you can't pay for your new website in the time honoured way and be invoiced for the work done. This about offering an alternative way of paying for and the long term management of your website. As we know the most successful websites are the ones that are dynamic, get update frequently with new information, interaction and much more. This all takes managing and actually doing. 

What is in the box?

  • A professionally designed, bespoke website
  • Fully responsive according the the Google requirements. It will display and function really well no matter what it is being viewed on, smart phone, tablet or desktop.
  • All the functionality you are likely to need including data capture, response forms, galleries, blogs etc etc.
  • As a CMS (Content managed system) website you will be able to log in and manage the blog or any other aspect of the website if you so wish.
  • It also includes hosting on our server, not a requirement but recommended. This comes with emails services as well.
  • Office hour telephone and email support.
  • Time set aside each month to work on improving and updating your website.
  • Maintain all the security updates and other upgrades as they come through, even the big ones.
  • An annual review of the website design and functionality to ensure your website never looks out of date and complies with any new requirements legal or by the likes of Google.
  • Google tracking, analytics, webmaster's tools and automatically updated sitemaps submitted.
  • SEO management.

All this from £200 per month

The small print is basically you have to sign up for at least a year or 12 payments. Though I would strongly suggest continuing with this as a long term arrangement. This way your website will always be right up to date technically and in design without having to worry about any big bills.

If you have further suggestion as to how this could be improved please get in touch.

Cavespider, striving to get it right



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