Have you ever tried to build your own website using an online website builder? Happy with the result? If you were then your the first I know of. Please get in touch I would love to hear from you.

If, like the majority, you were not so happy with the result then maybe you really should consider having the job done properly. Using these online builders can be a bit of an art in itself and to get a good looking result definitely takes some doing. That is assuming you can get your head around how it works in the first place. I would suggest they do serve a purpose in that it gets you online, but that is all.

You should consider what impact your online presence is having on your potential customers. I assume you want to look professional. You may have spent a fair amount of money designing a logo and a brand. Do you want that to be used properly on your website? I'm sorry to have to tell you this but you may have to spend a little more on developing your website. This is, after all, the first many of your clients will see of your business. Sometimes the only chance you will get to make the right impression before they move on to another website. It doesn't take much to work out how much a cheap or budget solution could cost you in lost business. To be fair a good professional website doesn't need to cost you that much, we charge from £1,600.

We would develop a website, completely unique to you, designed around your brand. If you haven't established a brand we can sort that out for you too. Being a cheapskate could cost you dear. Get the job done properly.

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