Absolutely no doubt white websites can look really stylish, with care. They can also look like yet another default Wordpress template.

This is where I have a problem. Everyone currently wants white websites, it's the current fashion if you like. Photographers like it as it doesn't detract from their pictures. Some designers like it because it an easy option, though not always by any means.  

I have repeatedly said in this blog that one of the most important things your website needs to do is stand out from the crowd. So if you were a user looking for a florist there's a good chance the first few you find would be all white, as opposed to all right... oh never mind.

After a very short while you fail to notice the white ones and the first non-white, well designed, website will catch your eye. This non-white website caught your eye didn't it?

White was fashionable and cool, not sure it is anymore, so lets found the next trend.

No racist implications intended.

Cavespider, striving to be different

Credit: Teckniclic - Deviant Art

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