Maybe I should clarify, I'm not talking about the process of getting married but about getting engaged in Social Media. I mean in the business sense...

From what I can see a vast majority of business posts on Twitter and Facebook are just ads. The companies involved have set up a series of posts using whatever software package and out go all the posts on a daily schedule without any further human interaction.

Well I can tell you that I ignore those posts. If that is how they operate then I can't see what they are going to do for me or my clients. Interestingly the clients and enquiries that have come from Social Media think the same. They have all been the result of engagement with them or a subject matter they had an interest in.

On one occasion I had something of an online disagreement. Within weeks that company was in touch about working with with them. I had to ask why as I we had just had an online debate? The answer, "because we were engaged". That was three years ago and I'm still working with them now.

Cavespider, always engaged

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