Do you know who hosts your website? Do you care? It makes all the difference to how your website will perform.

I will refrain from burying you in technical stuff but there are things you should consider.

Is it a shared server?

This is the norm for low cost hosting. What you should now is how many other websites occupy the same server. Who manages those other sites (probably numerous people) and what percentage of capacity is the loading of that server? Best way to explain this is think of your laptop. How many applications can you open on it before it either crashes or runs so slow it is unuseable? Well each website is like an application, the server is like your laptop. The higher the spec of your laptop the more it can do. The more you ask it to do the slower it will get.

So don't be surprised if your website seems to run a bit slow at times, it probably isn't your internet connection.

So you have a VPS or a VM or a number of other forms or 'dedicated' server

VPS Virtual Private Server

VM Virtual Machine

In principle this means you have a server all to yourself. Well probably a virtual server which is to all intent as good as if not better. Another blogget...

On one of these set ups you can install and run nearly anything you like that will work on the Operating system installed. It means you can get the specifications you want to provide the performance you want. You can run several websites on it all quite separate from each other. I could go on but this is the ideal option. Then it is up to you how things perform.

You will see a dramatic difference in the performance of your website. If this is they way you go it will cost more but to have customers waiting for your website to load or process purchases may mean you don't keep them as customers for long. So it will probably pay for itself.

Then there is the security. With a machine to yourself you or we can ensure that everything is kept up to date to minimise the risk of any unwanted intrusions. The same cannot be said of the commercially shared server where it is only to common to be sharing the server with an insecure website which could allow a hacker access to the server and thus your website via the 'back door'.

What do we do?

We use a VPS for most of our websites which we keep to a maximum loading of around 50%. When it reaches that limit we up the specs to handle more. Yes it is a shared server to all intent but with a big difference to the commercial shared offering. We control and manage all the websites on it. Each client gets their own hosting control panel where they can manage their websites, files, data emails, forwarding etc etc. We don't sell hosting per se on this server it is only for websites we manage. We also have clients that for various reasons need their own server VPS or VM, even their own dedicated machines.

So whoever you go with ask, "how and where is my website being hosted?"

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