There are certain professions and trades that seem to think they have a blank cheque when you sign them up. They do a load of work for you; you have no idea what it will cost until you get the bill...

Cavespider does not work like that.

We don't like it being done to us and we wouldn't do it to anyone else. When we take on a project, whatever it's size or complexity we agree the budget before we start. Then it is up to us to make the correct assessment for the project cost. We then stick to that cost. Sometimes as the project progresses opportunities are seen for doing things a different way, or using something that hadn't thought of. If it involves an extra cost then that will be discussed and agreed before any commitment is made. If it isn't agreed to then we progress as originally discussed.

So I can absolutely guarantee you will not get any surprise bills from Cavespider.

We do to others what we'd like others to do with us

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