Does your website grab your visitors by the eyeballs and drag them in? If it doesn't maybe we can do something about that.

You may be first on Google, you might have loads of click throughs. You get visitors from all over the world. But how many get past the first page? If you use a tool such as Google analytics you'd know. Every website we manage has an Analytics account so we know how our websites are doing.

Back to the main point, is your website getting the attention and interest it should? I use the analogy of a shop window, the old fashioned type where the window wraps around into the doorway. There you are looking at the goodies in the window and before you know it you have stepped into the shop. That is exactly what I want your website viewers to be doing when they visit your site.

I wonder, should I hire a window dresser?

Cavespider, grabbing your eyeballs

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