When discussing your new website do you ask, 'how long will this website last?'.

I expect you don't, it's not something you think about. I do because I have seen what happens when this has not been considered. I have seen sites that were created only 3 or 4 years ago using quite respectable systems such as WordPress or Joomla. They had been created generally using an off the shelf template. The content was completely tied into the template. I am asked to bring the site up to date and make it secure.

It is then I discover than the template is no longer supported and it can't be updated to work with the latest secure versions of Joomla or whatever. Because the content is tied into this template it makes it that much harder to recreate the website based on the original content. Not impossible of course, but it is a much bigger job.

At Cavespider all the websites created are able to be 're-skinned'. This means one can apply new designs, functionality whatever at any future date without having to effectively rebuild the website each time. As the original; content can remain intact.

This means you are free to grow you website as you wish without worrying about losing it all at the next design review.

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