Have you had those moments when you're looking for some on Google and there you are hunting through loads of lists and pages. There comes a moment when you ask yourself, 'what am I looking for?'.

If you tell me that it has never happened to you I am really not sure I'd believe you. So the challenge of a website designer is to snap you out of the semi phased out 'one hundred pages later' state. So many websites look the same that they become a blur after a while, but every now and then one stands out. It gets your attention, "wow, got to check this out", "hey, I wonder if so-an-so has seen this". This is great if you can make it happen and it is every designers aim.

From the client point of view there is a tendancy to play safe. Go with something you like and have seen before... this is the course that leads to be part of the blur. Sometimes you need to stand on the edge and take a leap of faith to be different. That is how you get to stand out.


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