Did you get one of those amazing storms over the last few days? We certainly did and anything connected to our phone line suffered for it. It could have been far worse...

The lightning could have hit the power line on the building and it could have wiped out all the computers' data storage and who know what else. For many this would have been a complete disaster. Back to that old sore, do you back up? Well if you do, where?

Many people back up to an external hard disk drive right next to the PC. It should not be left permantley connected to the PC or the power supply. If it had been the lightning strike could have destroyed that too!

It is good that you have backed up and to be fair, lightning strikes are pretty rare. I have only personally known three people whose offices or homes have been struck. The result in every case was complete destruction of all their computers, printers, disk drives etc. Even their phone lines and anything connected to them was destroyed. So even if it is rare, it is a real risk.

So there is an old fashioned idea that would save your data, it is called the three point back up plan, local, offsite and archive. Take it further and ensure that there are at least three copies of everything that is important. This guy takes it a step further

We protect our online data, (websites etc) as carefully as we protect our family pictures.

Cavespider, laughing in the face of a thunderstorm

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