Most of our customers really aren't interested in the technical stuff, they just want their website to work. Not even bothered if we have used Joomla or Wordpress or whatever, as long as it does the job.

We won't give you a load of what might seem a foreign language. If any technical stuff does need to be discussed I hope we'd do it in a way you understood. It would be pretty pointless to do otherwise. I know some think they impress using heavy technical language that probably even they don't understand. Not really sure what the motive might be there other than to stop you asking. We want you to ask...

The websites we build are CMS, which means Content Managed System. This set up allows you, if you so wished, to login and manage the website yourself. Depending on how far you want to take this means you will need a level of understanding of how you website is set up. If you simply want to add a blog occasionally then the amount you'll need to know is minimal, but if you want to manage promotions, update navigation, and do all sorts of things then we're happy to give you a helping hand in a manner that is helpful.

We include training with every website package we quote for. We can then manage the website for you to whatever degree you need or leave it completely to you, your call.

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