Be honest, did you do anything you're a little embarrassed about at the company do? Isn't it funny how you seem to have forgotten everything except for that 'moment'.

Not sure if you'd consider it a good thing but our websites remember everything. But they do have one big advantage over one's own rather selective memory. You can log in and edit that blog entry you made at 2.30am in the morning. Wouldn't it be nice if you could do that with other events of the night?

There is even version control. The system retains previous versions of an article so it is easy to go back a version or two if you're not happy with what you have done. If you really want to ensure only the correct stuff goes up on the website we can set up a 'sign off' process. So at least one other pair of eyes get to check before an item can go live.

It's all about making those slips that everybody makes less likely to be too public.

Cavespider, thing about you even at 2.30am

Photo by Cornell Capa

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