You have spent weeks, maybe months getting your brand new website live. It looked great at first but now you're spotting things that aren't quite right...

Dare I say, this is normal. No matter how much testing is done there's always a situation where a little glitch can occur. This can effect all websites big and small, whether it be Amazon, Ebay or Joes the Butcher they all get glitches. Sometimes the problems can be quite substantial, like with Twitter a couple of weeks ago. As a general rule they are very minor and probably only spotted by those that know the website well. Some of these companies spend literally millions on testing and stuff still goes wrong.

All Cavespider websites are guaranteed for a year. That means if something isn't working quite right or there's a glitch that hadn't been spotted then it will be put right asap, no messing about. There are conditions to this of course but if something isn't right it needs to be sorted.

What we generally suggest is that once the website is complete you can access the offline website and test it yourself. This doesn't replace us testing it of course but it gives you the opportunity to check everything is as you want it before it goes live.

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