What gets people to your website? Have you given it any thought? I've suggested three things I think are the prime ones. You don't have to agree with me.


A website that brings you information that gets your attention or inspires you. It doesn't have to be of direct relevance but it does need to be something you might want to read on about and maybe go and find out more about. It gets you thinking.


How often have you looked on the web to find out how to make hot cross buns, or how do you fix the blade on that lawn mower. Maybe you wanted to know about writing a will. The thing is you probably found a website with the information you wanted. When you got to the website do you go and check out any other pages on it? I bet you did. Since I started this business I have always advised my clients to make their website a resource where people will find information they need. It gets more traffic to your website, great for SEO, and it will mean more enquiries. You don't have to give away your secrets, but offering a bit of free advice is never a bad thing.


I don't have a sense of humour, apparently. But funny or even slightly humrerous sites get a lot of attention. Ok, it probably needs to be appropriate which may not be the case if your Funral Directors, but even there I suspect appropriate humour could be found. Everybody likes a laugh, even a chuckle under the breath. 

Getting traffic through your site is the most important thing you can do for your website success. It will massively boost your position on web searches. More people means more enquiries. Simple really.

Cavespider is good at getting attention


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