It should be possible to give a definitive answer to this question. It would be if we have everything we need including Carte Blanche at the outset of the project.

But that is not reality, nor should it be.

The way it should work is we start out by planning the proposed website and deciding on the budget for the project. Once that is agreed then we can get on with making it happen. We start out by palnning the way the website will look and work. This often means providing wireframes of some sample pages. These are simplified line drawings to give an idea of the layouts being proposed. Once we have a result you are happy with we then create visuals so that you can see what the site will look like. Depending on the budget and the kind of website will decide on the form of these visuals. Sometimes it is just a couple of sample pages, often more. But you as a client will need to approve these before we start the actual build of the website.

At this point we will actually start putting code to page. It is this point where we do actually need to populate the website. A technical term for adding content. For some this is the toughest part actually knowing what you want to say. We can certainly advise on this and arrange for copywriters and marketing so this is exactly right for your market. But you are the one that will know their audience best so we will be lead by you.

Finally the website is completed. We then need to go through and thoroughly test the site to ensure it works as intended on all the latest browsers and devices. A snagging list is made and we 'fix' anything we are not happy with.

We always ensure the security of a website is as good as it can be but some sites security is a particular issue where sensitive information is going to be held or payment details handled. In those cases we suggest a penetration test is performed. For this we use a specialist company who have absolutely no knowledge of the website. We then ask them to try to penetrate (hack) the security of the website. They will suggest any improvements that need to be made and they are made.

Once this is all done we ask that we take a final look at the website before it goes live.

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