Assuming we're talking about your business website it is the first impression a large proportion, if not a majority, of your new clients will get of your company.

Think about it, what do you do if you're looking for something to buy your other half or looking for a solicitor. I bet there is a pretty good chance you'll be tapping away on the keyboard before opening the yellow pages, remember those.

That is what your clients will be doing.  So it needs to be good and not something chucked together overnight while downing a glass of wine. Yes it will take longer, quite a lot longer, but think of the damage you could do if you get this wrong.

Put another way, if you had a shop on the high street and you stuck a logo above the door and a pile of boxes in the window how many customers do you think would walk through your door. You may think I exaggerate, if only...

Cavespider, making you more attractive