It comes up worryingly frequently that businesses simply cannot make contact with the person looking after their website.

Speaking to a new client yesterday it turns out to be one of their major concerns, being able to contact us when they need to. The fact, in this case, that we were literally around the corner gave him great assurance that he would know where we were.

I have been in this business since 1994 and I have no plans to stop. We do get quite a lot of work as a result of this problem. A web developer goes absent without leave. No one can get hold of them and the website is in urgent need of attention. Who do they call... Cavespider!

Communication with our clients is key to the loyalty of our customers. Many of which go back nearly all the thirty years I've been in business. So even before the World Wide Web.

If you need to make contact you can call me on 01932 506408 or use this contact form

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