I'm not sure size is everything but I do know keeping it regular makes a big difference.

Search engines such as Google have a problem with websites that never change. Websites that only offer the same old content without change. Is that your website? You are probably finding it isn't performing too well on the search rankings.

When I discuss this with clients I nearly always get the same response, "I haven't got time for any of that". It is difficult to quantify the exact effect running some form of blog has as compared to making sales calls. But spending 30 minutes in your week will pay off and the audience is a great deal larger than you'll ever achieve with your telephone.

Each time you write a new item, link to it from your Facebook page. Even link to it from Twitter, LinkedIn or whaever Social media you favour. You may be surprised at the response you get.

So, find that thirty minutes a week, make it part of your routine and it will pay of. Not instantly, but over a little time you will build content that the search engines love and possibly a real follwing in the process.

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