I had a lovely meeting with a client yesterday who pointed out how clean the design of our websites were.

It's always a boost to our corporate ego when such things are said as achieving this is far from simple. Website design is so much more than making a website look nice. Trying to communicate what you have in mind using a static printed out visual is nearly impossible. You can do lots of flow charts, story boards, linkage charts, sitemaps and still you will almost certainly fail to communicate what a well designed and built website can do.

Sometimes by the time you have done all the charts and visuals you may have well built the website, sometimes it is it's own best visual. 

Let me take one example, the menu that nearly always ends up at the top. Do you really need everything the website has to offer with a long row of options and drops downs that go on for ever? It's quite possible you do, but it is well worth considering a more minimalist approach. What areas need to be accessible from anywhere in the website.... think about it. Not as many as you might think.

That's what we do, we thing very carefully about how the your website will work. How we can keep it uncluttered, make the navigation intuitive and ensure your visitors can always find what they want.

Cavespider, keeping it clean (No pigs heads here)

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