There has been a lot in the news recently about big hacks and networks going down. What doesn't hit the news is when your small business website has been hacked yet again.

It's not unusual to get enquiries from businesses who are fed up because their website keeps getting hacked and 'can I do something about it please'. Often it's the original developer that gets the blame. It most cases it is not their fault.

Any CMS (Content managed system), whether it's Joomla!, Wordpress, Drupal even Concrete5 will become vulnerable to attack if it's not kept up to date. This includes all the extensions, widgets, templates and such that were used to create the website.

You probably have an antivirus package on your PC. You know that if that is not up to date it won't be long before your computer gets some nasty virus. It is exactly the same with your website. No matter how secure the original site may have been created it is only a matter of time before someone finds a way in.

We offer a package to our clients to keep their websites right up to date. That combined with a three point back up plan so that should the worst happen the website can be quickly recovered. You can read more about it here.

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