There appears to be a growing practice of attempting to tie a client in whether it's by business or technical means. I hate being trapped and so should you.

Recently I was talking to a new client who had paid, quite a lot, to a certain large company. A company who shall remain unnamed though you might know them from a distinctly coloured directory.

The website was plainly integrated into this company's system so my client could never log in and make his own edits. He had to email a request in. If he didn't like the maintenance charges he couldn't just walk away, well at least he couldn't with his expensive website. He'd have to leave that behind with all the content and money invested in it.

He was stuck and this company know and had planned it that way.

There are numerous ways to get caught out like this. Be it online website builders, they may be free at the outset. Or off-the-shelf-themes that you have to subscribe to for ever more if you want to keep you website intact.

At Cavespider I have the opposite policy. Once the website is finished, live and of course paid for, it is your property. You won't be tied into a template or theme, you won't even be tied into Cavespider. You would be free to take your website to somebody else to manage and host if you so wish. It hasn't happened yet, but that is a choice you would have.

It will be your website, you can log into it and manage it as you wish. Isn't that how honest businesses work?

Cavespider, making a website yours

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