It's that time of year when you realise belatedly that you need to do the accounts. The accountant is chasing and you have barely touched them. Does that sound like you?

I'm sure you're not alone and I'm not about to suggest some sort of accounts service. However keeping your website up to date is something we can help with.

There are things that are essential that are dealt with like the website security. Putting this off can easily end in disaster. Keeping the content up to date and current may not be such a priority but it will effect how your website's standing on Google. You can't leave it to the end of the year to 'catch up'.

As part of our support package we will help you keep you website live and current. We can set up links to Twitter and Facebook as well as other social media platforms. This way your website will never be allowed to fall below the radar.

Cavespider, current as always

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