Does it look a little dog eared and tatty? Isn't it strange how a website that looked the bees knees when it was first created can look so rough a few years on.

Design, whatever it's for moves on often in a way you don't even notice. A few year ago you wore clothes you wouldn't be seen dead in now. I'm sure they were amazing at the time, now you wouldn't even find them in the charity shop. That is how the world works as does the World Wide Web.

You would like your website to look up to date and you definitely don't want it to start embarrasing you. But you have a blog in it, loads of information and stuff. You probably don't really want to start again. It may well be possible to transfer your existing content but my point is looking forward you shouldn't need that to be a concern ever again.

The way we build a website means we can design it so it looks really cool knowing full well that in a few years time tastes will have changed, as will yours and the website needs a new look. We can redesign your website keeping all your current content, pictures, videos etc. It can look cool and up to date well into the future without having to start again each time.

Even more important, you would keep your search engine ranking. A whole new site means you would have to rebuild that too.

Building websites for now and the future

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