Have you thought just how much control you are handing over to your web developer when you hire them. They'll have your passwords, access to your emails, your blogs, Facebook, Twitter accounts and who knows what else.

A lot of details you wouldn't share with your best friend. Yet you have found someone, possibly just like this, on the internet and you are going to hand it all over to them.

I'm probably not doing myself any favours here but I am very aware of the trust element of working with someones' internet presence. If a website is to be properly integrated with Social Media we will need access to your accounts. If we are hosting your website and emails we will have access so that when you call with a problem we can sort it out.

So why should you trust us?

The way we work is to ensure, as far as possible, you have complete access yourself to everything. So at some future date you can go in and change the passwords and even move everything away to another developer. We keep all your information securely and our ethics would never allow us to look at your emails or other communications unless you specifically asked us to. But you'll have to trust us on that one.

The key to controlling what happens to all this is your domain name (yourdommain.com). If you have access to that then you can move your website, emails, whatever where ever you want. Some companies actually charge extra to give you that access. We would never do that, just isn't right. 

If we are involved in managing your domain name I would suggest a separate hosting arrangement for it. Separate from the website/email hosting. Not keeping all your eggs in one basket. Cavespider have an account for holding domain names but there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't have your own account set up. We would need access to it but you would at least be able to change the password to the account if you wished at some future point. We are the happier if you feel in control.

I was asked a short while ago "who does the website you develop belong to?". On first hearing this I thought what a strange question, it is yours of course. Yours to do with as you like, assuming it's been paid for of course.

Finally, I would actually suggest asking around our clients, there's plenty of them, see what they say. 

Cavespider, trust is everything



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