When you ask a web developer to sort out your website, chances are that will be your email too. They will sort out your passwords and have access to your emails, so think hard before you hand over the keys?

I have written about this before as it is important.

You might ring around trying to get the best deal. You may well end up using someone you found on a directory or Google search. This only thing you know about them is a name and a telephone number. You are about to hand over access to all your online information, would you do that with a stranger that came to the door?

You are told to keep your passwords secret, even secure. You might fuss because some agency or other might be snooping on your emails. Now you are about to hand over access and control to somebody you found on Google!

I beg you, please check out thoroughly the company, person you are about to hand the keys over to. In fact you'd be wise to find someone through recomendation rather than relying on directories or Google searches.

Whatever or whoever you decide to use there is one thing you must do. You should host your domain name seperately. Somewhere you have access to seperate from where your email and website hosting will be. If the relationship with your web developer turns sour then you can switch your domain to somewhere else. This keeps your options open. If you want to know how to do this please contact us, always happy to advise.

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