Recently the well known author and blogger Dennis Cooper had his blog, email account and files, including a half written book, all deleted by Google for unspecified reasons.

Increasingly businesses and individuals relied on the likes of Google, Microsoft or many other similar services to manage their emails, contact list, documents and much more. In the belief this was the safest place for it.

So, what would you do if your Google account was suspended without warning. All your emails, old and new, no longer accessible. Your contact list with all the telephone number and addresses, gone. How about your diary, documents and who knows what else, suddenly no longer available. A seriously scary thought especially if you're running a business.

Don't be led into believing that Dennis Cooper must have been doing something he shouldn't. He may have been a bit fringe, but he was no terrorist. Nor was he promoting some form of extreme porn. This could, and has, happened to a lot of people and there is no come back.

So what is the answer? It is the same answer I use for everything when it comes to backing up. Keep more than one and in different locations. So if you lose one, or Google close your account, you'll have a local copy and an archive copy kept elsewhere.

You can find the item on Dennis Cooper here in the Guardian

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