As a resident in a Conservative safe seat something is pretty obvious. None of the other parliamentary candidates seem to be bothering to even try and get their message out there.

Actually this is beginning to annoy me. As a business if I thought the competition was better than me so 'why should I bother' it wouldn't say much about me or the way I do business. So these candidates, who have all paid substantial deposits to be candidates at all are just going to sit back and let the incumbent, Crispin Blunt, win by default. Quite frankly why should we vote for any of them if they really can't be bothered. So my vote goes to the one that makes an effort, no sign of that yet.

So, to the point of this blogget, I would not use a business that took my custom for granted. I actually expect some effort from them to get me as a customer in the first place, never mind ongoing service and more effort to keep me as a customer. Actually, I expect a lot. But then, as a business owner, I would expect my customers to be thinking the same way. So I put real effort in ensuring my customers get the best from my business. In fact I'm in the business of helping other business provide that service excellence to their customers.

Cavespider, we don't take anything for granted

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