Every aspect of your website will effect the type of businesses and people it will appeal to. The impression it makes will depend on the perspective of the one seeing it.

It would be tempting to horribly over simplify what is a heavily nuanced subject. I shall resist that and rather concentrate on the importance of getting this right.

First impressions count for a lot. Many would say that those first 15 seconds of someone visiting your website will make or break the deal long before they start to read what you have put. So we need to think carefully about what impression we want to make in those first few moments. You need to ask yourself who is your market, who would you like your market to be. Please don't come to me and say 'everyone', because the reality is that is almost certainly untrue. 

We recently designed and built a website for Atlas Cleaning Services. Their primary market had been domestic and landlords. They wanted to shift to business, commercial, and school cleaning contract based work. This was part of the brief from the outset. The result just a couple of months after the site going live was the desired shift. Six months later they have now dropped all domestic and landlord services in favour of the new commercial contracts they have gained.

The perfect result.

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