So you want a website, you know you need one. But what are you going to put in it?

We don't expect you to be a copywriter or a photographer so it's quite handy that we have them to hand. We can even provide someone to produce a video for you, great for your SEO.

This is how it works...


First we work out what your website is going to do and how it is going to do it. We then know what we need to build up the content of your website. It's probably a mix of your contributions, pictures testimonials and such and input from a copywriter. Maybe we'll need to bring in a photographer to get a really professional feel to the pictures. It is all about making an impression after all.

Making it Happen

Now we know what content needs to be created we'll arrange a meeting between you and the copywriter. They'll talk to you so you can tell them all they need to know. Don't worry, they will lead you through it. They will then write everything up as needed.

The photographer, if needed, will arrange with you for everything he needs to record. It maybe that some of what is needed can be acquired from photo libraries.

Now the website

Once we have all the ingredients we can follow through with the plan and put it all together into an impressive, professional, website.

So you need not worry about "what am I going to say?". 

Cavespider, never lost for words

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