For that matter do you know what your future website needs will be? Nor can I, but it's worth thinking about.

In a meeting the other day with a new client they asked if they could add various functions and facilities to their new website. Not right now but in the future?

This company had,  like so many, discovered rather belatedly that the website they had would not allow them to add the features they wanted. No they hadn't thought about it when the site was created, it wasn't an issue then, it is now. And now the template or theme they bought into won't allow it. They have ended up having to start again. Good for me, not so good for them.

Cavespider make a point of future proofing your website as best we can. Non of us can really predict what's coming, but we can ensure the foundations are there so you at least have the option to add new features or functions, even a complete redesign without a major rebuild of the content.

Even if you don't know what you're going to want, it's worth planning for.

Cavespider, thinking ahead

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