I don't mean a fly either. Browsing the internet can be a less than inspiring occupation as websites look more and more alike.

In some ways this makes our job that much easier. As an increasing number of websites use what appears to be the same set of Wordpress themes creating something that stands out is not such the challenge it once was, but it is still important. 

As oft mentioned before, we make bespoke, custom made websites. The website is created around you and your business, it will be unique to you. The up side of this is that it will always stand out as DIFFERENT from all those other samey lookalike websites. 

I have had a lot of feedback on this subject on how people are searching through website after website, it is the one that is different and professional that gets their attention.

Getting a good position on Google is one thing (we can help with that too) but completely wasted if your potential customer takes one look, yawns, then leaves.

You need to stand out.

Cavespider, making it different