With the release of Fifty Shades of Grey you may think this is another form of sexual adventure. Sadly it is a rather boring subject, but rather important.


You probably have a good part of both your working life and family life on your computer. So in simple terms lets say it gets nicked. So no chance of recovery what are you going to do? Right it off to experience and start to rebuild. Difficult to rebuild pictures of your kid's first day at school.

There are lots of ways to back up so there really isn't an excuse. Buy an external disk drive and copy everything to it once a week would be a start. Just remember, don't keep the drive and the computer in the same place.

In fact I wanted to talk about backing up websites. Attacks on websites are very common, which is why I ensure everything is kept right up to date with the latest security to reduce the risk. But Nothing is 100%. Why do 'they' do it. Mostly because they can and for the fun of it.

Most hosting companies keep back ups, they even promote it. But this may not be a back up that is any used to you. What they do is keep a 'snapshot' of the whole server. So if you asked them to restore just your website they couldn't in all practicality do it. Some companies offer a semi automated back up facility. Very handy if you have made a mistake and need to restore it back to yesterday. But it isn't always clear where that is kept. What happens if the data centre has a big fire, it happens and I've been effected by it. Then it is possible that the back up is lost.

I'm a little paranoid about this, partly because I have learnt the hard way. So I back up the websites files, data, the lot at least once a week. I back it up to a local computer. That in turn is backed up both via a cloud based service and seperate drives used soley for that purpose.

So, don't get caught out.


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