If you are designing and building websites day in day out then, trust me, you want the best display you can afford. But this can be where the problems start.

I have a lovely 27" Apple Thunderbolt display and everything looks crisp and clear, beautiful. I could go through all the specs and illustrate the resolution, the screen refresh rate, the number of colours etc etc, but I won't. That would be somewhat boring. In truth you could buy a display with similar numbers but it wouldn't look as good. Technology can be a bit like that.

To the point, a short while ago we inherited a site designed and developed by someone else. We get a few of those. Amongst other issues was the legibility of some of the text on the website. A medium blue on a grey panel. On my display it was not a problem, clear as a bell. But quite a few complaints had been received on the matter, so something can't be right.

Having tested it on all the browsers including the dreadful Internet Explorer there was no evidence of a problem. So what is going on here?

Well the fist issue is that we were viewing everything on a high end display. Time to pull out the cheap Windows Laptop. The display had 16.4 million colours, something around 1800 pixels across, all that added up. Then we loaded the website, now we can see the problem, the blue and the grey just merge into a mess.

A lesson herein lies, keep to good design principles and you can't go too far wrong. That and keep the cheap laptop handy when designing a new website.

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