Getting a customer is tough enough, keeping them maybe even tougher. So why do so many businesses stop once they have you?

At Cavespider we have been very lucky, or is it success? I can confidentially say most of our customers stick around long after the initial project. In some cases well over 20 years, several over a decade. I like to think that is because we value the long term relationship more than the initial sale.

It seems very tempting at times to take on a project, complete it, take the money and run. Leaving the long term responsibility of the project to somebody else. Tempting maybe, a bit like the waywood boyfriend who likes the fun part but is not so keen on the resulting long term commitment.

Maybe we're different, we like the commitment, so much so we probably lose out a bit on the intial project. That ongoing loyalty means stability to us so there is a very good business basis for wanting to take on that commitment.

There other reasons too. You learn how we work, we get to increasingly understand your needs, build up of trust in both directions. It has to be a winner for everybody. So far we have got this right, though there is always room to make things even better.

So, no loyalty cards, no discount when you return for the fourth time. Just doing the job properly in the first place then providing the ongoing service, and commitment to you.

Your loyalty means a lot to us




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