Branding your website should be rather more than sticking your logo in the top left corner. I'm not one for all the designer brand guru type talk but there are some rules you should try to follow.

Reading is not a natural human instinct, we have to learn it and we have to work quite hard to do it well. On the other hand seeing patterns, shapes and colours is instinct and we do it without thinking. I expect you would like to think that your customers could recognise your stuff in much the same way as they might recognise a face, you just know who it is without further thought.

You have probably already got headed paper for your letters, business cards, brochures and so on. They should all carry your branding, this is not just the logo. It is the look and feel of the design. The typography, the colours, the layouts, everything that goes to make that communication look unique to your company. This ensures that familiarity you want to promote so that people see your stuff and know instantly it is your company. This way they are 'hooked' into your communications.

What I'm surprised at is how many businesses forget this when it comes to their website.  They are sold a lovely theme. They stick their logo on it and job done, apparently. I'm not being facetious I see it all the time.

The website is increasingly the first point of contact a customer will have with your business. It is therefore the prime opportunity to establish your brand in that customer's mind. Your website should carry your brand so that all your other material relates back with that familiarity. There's a lot of physiological studies that come with developing trust and reliability merely because you are familiar. So don't waste the opportunity.

Cavespider Productions specialise in creating bespoke websites that are designed around your brand to carry it forward. No gimmicks here, not off the shelf themes either.

Bespoke websites that make your business brand work

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