I recently had a meeting with a client who expressed some concern over the bespoke CMS she thought I was intending to create for her. I intended to create a bespoke website, not a bespoke CMS.

She was quite right to be concerned. The CMS or the Content Management System is at the core of many modern websites. You might know them as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or one of many others. We prefer Joomla here as it offers the flexibilty and long term support we like to offer. If you use one of these CMS packages it is possible to buy and download a varity of ready made templates to base your website on. We don't use these. We create bespoke templates though we do use frameworks such as Twitters' Bootstrap, we discuss that here.

Why do we use non-bespoke CMS? It is simple, these systems are complex and need to be to work well. For us to develop one for each project would not be cost effective and supporting it into the future not really very practical. A system such as Joomla is used by millions of websites. It is open source software which is free and it has a development team that has a lot of very real enthusiasts working for it. This means than any glitch or security issue gets picked up very quickly and applied, thus the importance of keeping the system up to date. If there any technical issues that arise they can be raised on the forum and responses are answered very quickly by one of the many developers out there. Sometimes the query would result in a fix being applied.

It would be impossible to provide the security and this level of support to a bespoke CMS.

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