I have noted some extrodinary deals going for websites appearing in my inbox, 75% off! Off what is my question. If one compared Cavespider's prices to some I've heard quoted we could offer 95% off. How about that?

It is true we have offered 10% off over the last couple of weeks. But that is 10% off our actual prices, even ones we've already quoted. In all our actual prices are pretty reasonable for a bespoke design websites.

You won't find Cavespider playing the supermarket price game, jacking prices up to make the discount look even better even though the discounted price is in fact the normal one. Actually I can't remember the last time we offered a discount. Must be something in the air.

Our sale lasts until Monday, so if your going to do it, now is the time.

Cavespider, Black Friday, where?

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