Have you noticed how many folk there are out there that are absolute experts? Experts at talking that is anyway.

I have an admission to make, we aren't so good at the talking bit, but we are professional doers. We prefer to make things happen rather than just endlessley talk about it.

Sadly, part of running a business is talking to people and we do quite a lot of that. The natural tendancy is to get one's head down and get on with creating those websites. Which is after all what we are being paid to do.

Though we do all know people who love to talk, do endless meets about meetings, more briefing sessions, more discussions, well you know the sort of thing. It all puts off actually getting on with the task. That is the bit we're interested in.

Now, don't get me wrong, a project does have to be planned, discussed and even chewed over to ensure the right result is achieved. But there quickly comes a point where it becomes a form of procrastination. By then we would prefer to being working a way making the new project actually happen.

We'd rather make your website rather than just talk about making your website

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