I did a presentation yesterday at the Trusted Referrals Group in Crawley. One of the comments I got was how visual my websites were.

I originally trained as a photographer, ok it was another lifetime ago. So my instincts are toward the visual. It is so much easier to make an impression, send a message and communicate with people using images.

I recently completed a website for a childcare setting surrey-childminding-service.co.uk. Tell me that the first thing you see doesn't bring an emotional response, even a mild one. What does every parent want for their children... for them to be happy. No more words are needed on that score as it has now been said.

When somebody lands on your website you want to make an impression that gets the user sticking around. You need to make that impression before they have read a single word. Much research has shown you have moments to hit that person's subconscious before they move on. I don't really care how academic and wordy you think your content needs to be. If you can't get someone to explore your website further the rest will be wasted.

Want more reasons to use good photography on your website? Google loves well marked up pictures. By being marked up I mean what is called the Alt element which is hidden text which describes the image and the title element (also hidden but can show up as a little pop up box).

Cavespider, making an impression


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