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If you use a lawyer, the garage, even an accountant you generally don't discover the cost until you see the bill. Wouldn't be nice to know the cost before you hire?

I hate it when you find yourself in a situation, say your car needs a repair, and you have absolutely no idea what it's going to cost until it's done. As for lawyers and a whole bunch of professionals that seem to think they don't have to give you a price before they start the job.

We on the other hand will give you a cost before you're committed to anything. In fact we offer a suggested budget. It may be you have a larger, or even smaller budget than the one we have suggested. Have a look at my other blog on this.

Short of any major changes to the original brief the final bill will be exactly what you agreed at the beginning of the project. That has to take a lot of stress out of the whole thing.

So don't get caught out, know what you're in for before we start.

Cavespider, stress free

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