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I have been so busy that I haven't been posting which is exactly the excuse my clients give me for not posting. So maybe I should be saying 'do what I say, not what I haven't been doing.

 A lot of the old fashioned ways of doing SEO (search engine optimisation) really have expired. So relying on meta tag keywords or link building, and the like could even work against you.

Google now looks for good high value content, more to the point, new content. Which is why I tell my clients to post stuff on a regular basis. To all intents, a blog. You can call it what you want, news, updates, tips and tricks, whatever you like. You can build the relevant keywords terms into the headings and body on the articles you create. Then link back to them from your social media accounts. Adding pictures or videos will also help enhance your presence.

This is just one of the easy to do way to organically improve your standing on search engines, and it has a major advantage, it will only cost you a little of your time. There are of course services out there that will do this for you, at a price. Some are quite good, others not so much. Ultimately it's worth remembering that you are the expert in your business.

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