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Marketing ones business is always a daunting challenge. You may have spent a fortune on SEO or ads in local magazines that acheive little or nothing. 

It can all be really discouraging and the contacts you do get may be of low value, if any.

I have been there and done that over the years so I do understand which is why, some years ago I started networking. At first it was with BNI, the were the biggest and best at the time, now there are a number of excellent networking groups and most a great deal more cost effective than BNI.

After the group I was a member of for many years shrank to a less than functional number I joined an ex-BNI group, Trusted Referrals Group https://trustedreferrals.co.uk/

Maybe I should explain how this all works. A common mis-understanding is that your potential customers are limited those in the room. In fact what happens is those in the room are likely to think of you when they speak to their clients and contacts. So in my case if one of the group has a contact who they think might need a website they pass my details onto them. If there are 20 people in the room and each of those has, lets say a 100 contacts, then you are marketing to 2000 people every week. Those numbers are probably on the pesimistic side. In time you may start getting business from the contacts of the contacts.

Most of my business now comes from my efforts in networking over the years. I get the best clients and have an excellent bunch of colleagues to boot.

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