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There was a time you could add a contact form to your website, people would use it to respond and you would contact them back, easy! Things are changing...

Come May 2018 the rules are changing, you can no longer assume that just because someone completed your contact form it gives you permission to get in touch with them. It sounds like madness and I would struggle to argue it. The issue here is the difference between implied consent and specific consent. The action of completing a 'contact' form is implied consent, if they tick a box labeled 'Please contact me' then that is specific consent.

As I said it seems a bit nuts as some completing your contact form generally does so because they want to make contact, what can I say?

However this is just one very small aspect of the rule changes and you will have to tread carefully as the penalties can be draconian. We are looking to provide a complete reveiw package of your website and policies to ensure you're getting it right. This will include a technical, practical and legal review of your site and possibly a review of your data useage practices.

Get in touch if you are interested, and don't forget to tick that little box.

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