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We have been doing this a long time, since 1994 in fact. Things have progressed a long way since then and we have been on board the whole way.

The way websites work is substantially different now than it was then. Now most websites work with a combination of various scripts, databases, and many other technologies to create each page on the fly. Which is great when you want dynamic content. In the good old days we used to create each page individually and link them together. A rather static and un-responsive result.

One used to get away with knowing html and basic internet technologies. Now there are any number of ways of acheiving the desired result. We don't pretend to be experts in all these technologies and methods, "Jack of all trades, master of none". Though we have much of the expertise in house we have an excellent team of specialists we can call upon if needed. Thus there are few challenges we wouldn't be able to match.

The internet is unique in the way it requires collaboration between the technical and the creative.


There is currently a trend for some website designers to use 'off the shelf' templates which are then tweeked to fit. We NEVER use bought in templates. Every website we produce is unique. It is build from the ground up around you, your company and your brand.



Every website we build is based on a CMS platform, or 'Content Managed System'. This means you can, if you wish, log in to the website and make changes and additions as you want. You can even run a blog if you want. We'll set it up around you and every quote will include training.



Every website we now do will be responsive. You may have heard this term and not known it's meaning. Quite simple, the website is designed and built to look good on whatever device it is being viewed on. Whether it is an iPhone, Samsung, mini or full size pad, even a PC it will still look fabulous.


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