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I'm generally the cynical type about most things, I don't really go for most of the conspiracies that are touted about.


I have come to notice something of a trend when trying to buy domain names for my clients. This is how it appears to go, you go to one of many websites that sell domain names. You do a search for the desired name and the result is a long list of possible alternatives. With any luck it will include the domain name you want listed and available.

So one calls the client to confirm they want to buy the name. You come back to the website to then purchase the name and suddenly the name is no longer available. However, mysteriously, it now features on a premium domain name site charging many more times the standard price.

This has happened far too many times for it to be pure coincidence.

I am assured by a colleague this does not happen with Google Domains, I have yet to try them.


Cavespider, helping you avoid the traps


By the way, thanks for the picture Nick Night

Photo by //unsplash.com/@nicknight?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&;utm_content=creditCopyText">Nick Night on Unsplash

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